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Kris (Wriz)

2 years on StartPlaying

54 games hosted

Highly rated for: Voices, Creativity, Rule of Cool

Average response time: 5 hours

Response rate: 100%

About me

Hey all! I am Kris also known as Wriz. I have been playing D&D for 8 years 6 of which as a DM. I was first introduced to this awesome game by a fantastic group of friends, but like many latecomers to the game, I became inspired by the likes of Critical Role and Dimension20, and I am so happy I stumbled across them as D&D is now a full fledged addiction for me. I strive to bring several things to my games. - Making your backstory matter - Your actions affect the world, permanently - Crafting unique NPCs that you want to revisit and interact with - Rewarding great play and innovation The best thing about D&D and TTRPGs in general is that the players make the story. There is always an end goal, but how you get there is up to you, and no matter how you and your group decide to get there, its my job to facilitate that adventure in the best way I can. If you think that sounds like something you would enjoy, drop me a message or join in one of my sessions.

GM style

So, I love both combat and role play. I use battle maps both for story telling as well as the fights themselves. One of the key parts of my style is putting everything I can into the NPCs. I want you as a player to feel like you are in a living world. The people you meet as you travel will have hopes, secrets and ambitions and how you as a party interact with them will affect the world around you permanently, for better or for worse. On my side of things I go all out on the voices, and I always do my best to narrate how combat plays out based on your actions. Additionally, I adore players with rich backstories, the more you give me, the more I will bake your character into this crazy world, just remember, you start at a low level, so don't try giving yourself an army :D Lastly, at my table the rule of cool always prevails. I will be lenient with the rules, if your actions lend themselves to the moment, and I will always try to reward players for being clever and thinking outside the box.

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