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About me

I was once told that a diplomat is someone who can tell you to go to Avernus and convince you to look forward to the trip. I've convinced at least 20 players to do so. I have been DMing for well over 15 years at this point (more than half my life) and I've had a great passion for game design. I'm currently at college for Game Design. I've DMed for Pathfinder, D&D 3.5e, D&D 5e, a few and multiple homebrewed systems which I created. I often use sci-fi, high fantasy, and dark fantasy settings. My games focus on player-driven narrative based gameplay. I have been told that I occasionally offer my players too much freedom, and I prefer that my players have absolute control over where the narrative takes us. I will not railroad my players, even if I do lose 20 planned quests in a single scheme. I'm open and accepting of whatever my players want to do and will look for a way to let them do it without breaking game balance too much.

GM style

I enjoy roleplay first and foremost. Character development and relationships between players and characters are some of my favorite parts of a game. I also enjoy exploring vast worlds together and watching the party overcome challenges and grow stronger. As for combat, I treat it as a puzzle. Yes, you can just fight the monster head-on, but if you look around the environment there are often things you can use to your advantage such as bringing stalactites down on the head of a dragon/beholder/mindflayer/whatever. Combat is also not the only option, you're welcome to negotiate and/or side with the enemy (though your party may not approve). I weave characters backgrounds into the story. The more you develop your character, the more their history will be part of the story. For example, a small detail such as a friend who wronged and betrayed you, they may show up to haunt you (with player permission).


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