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WorldSmith (Tom Smith)

2 years on StartPlaying

39 games hosted

Highly rated for: Storytelling, Creativity, World Builder

About me

Ah.. I see your tentative cursor has clicked its way towards my table.. this is a good thing. Now worry not, for the scrutiny of your browsing will be rewarded with a warm welcome and good company here. Stay your twitching hand but a moment, humble me, and allow yourself to be furnished with the highlights of my journey thus far. I have been a partaker and provider of stories for friends and acquaintances these last 17 years. I cut my teeth as many of our ilk do, plundering a dining room table to play a short run DnD campaign, followed swiftly after by a frantic liaison with the Pathfinder universe. These humble beginnings ignited a passion in me I previously thought reserved for those of the arts, I swiftly stated experimenting with such TTRPG classics as Call of Cthulhu, Pendragon and other systems provided by the venerable game designers know as Chaosium, indulging in a massive range of settings to broaden my interests. I then began a long and passionate romance with the World of Darkness line before putting myself back on the market again to enjoy such systems as Savage Worlds, Shadowrun and City of Mist. I am no stranger to campaigns either established or homebrew and have enjoyed experimenting with new settings, rulesets and all sorts of external inspirations to bring stories to life in many a fashion. At the end of the day I like to go on a journey with people in a world they feel an equal part of. To share experiences we can treasure, laugh and cry about. An investment of ourselves that we will cherish for a lifetime. This new direction into becoming a professional Games Master is a venture I have been encouraged and supported to go on by a good number of players and friends. If you think that you would enjoy our table, feel free to reach out to me.

GM style

The focus of my games revolves around a dynamic world, rich with locations and life that moves with the players and is shaped by their choices. I put an emphasis on supporting players to be able to tell their own stories within the world and drive the narrative in any direction they want; while simultaneously layering intrigue and drama through the underlying themes and storylines. I work mysteries, plot twists and dramatic moments into events designed to make you think, be creative and truly let you stretch your roleplaying muscles while varying the pace and intensity. Combat will often be intense, with moving parts that you can make use as you will or overcome. Above all else I love player ingenuity and reward any effort I can see being made. I prioritise my players, working with veterans and newcomers alike to flesh out their personas and backstories. I work all of these notions into the games ahead; enriching the npcs and events to help nourish your character's development.

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