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About me

Greetings! My name is Dani, also known as Windstep ^_^. I was introduced to D&D 3.5 back in 2004, and I was intrigued by this hobby right away. In the recent four years I have decided to get back into GMing, and I did it every week, or even more often since then. I love facilitating this unique form of story telling which brings human connection and creativity together. As a Game Master I am at your side, but also fair. Decisions have consequences. Good ideas from the players, are taken always in consideration. I try to follow the rules as written as much as possible, with some degree of flexibility. I have run sandbox games with total player freedom, within limits of course ;), or more detailed stories with a narrative arc. I can prepare both homebrew adventures, pre-made ones, or a mix of the two. I run fantasy, or sci-fi as a main theme preference. My favourite RPG systems are Pathfinder 2nd edition (for fantasy) and revised Stars without Number (for sci-fi). Depending on the game and player preferences, I focus on a variety of exploration, combat or role-play. I am here to help you feel comfortable, as a group. Ask me questions. Provide me feedback, and I will try to accommodate you.

GM style

My style of running games varies and evolves over time. It depends on the role-play system and the player preferences. It is a somewhat balanced approach, perhaps with a focus usually on exploration, then role-play then combat. I always follow the rules best I can, and I love taking in consideration player ideas. Good role-play and good thinking reduce the difficulty, or give a bonus to your dice rolls. When I build my homebrew worlds, I tend to favour heavily sandbox and exploration, but with pre-made adventures, I tend to follow a more defined narrative structure, but with some room for freedom. With Pathfinder 2nd (or D&D 5th edition) I tend to use battle-maps, or at the very least some quick drawings to assist tactical play. With other more narrative systems that have less focus on combat, I do a quick drawing or use Theater of the Mind, depending on the situation and what is needed best. Overall I am more story focused, than tactical as a GM. I am here to facilitate a narrative, with some interesting challenges for the characters. I enjoy seeing interesting solutions that players come up with! I love incorporating player characters’ backstories with the main adventure. It takes time, but it is fun and so much worth it, when I collaborate with the players. I tend not too be too detailed with descriptions, although I do work on improving this. With NPCs, I try to give them distinct voices, motivations and goals. It is hard, but rewarding when done right. It is also very important that we are all on the same page. Not all styles match together, and that is okay! Session zero, and regular check-ins with the player are paramount to me.

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