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šŸŒ Want to explore a rich, vivid and responsive world? āš”ļø Enjoy fast, dynamic, interesting combat? āš” Want the power to tell your character's story your way, going off the railroads to follow whatever goals you wish? šŸ§™ā€ā™‚ļø Looking for a gameplay experience where every NPC has a name, goals and a story of their own? According to Roll20, I have logged over 1200 hours (a lot of that is game prep, but still). I've also run at least four long-term campaigns in person. My philosophy is about fast combat, creative play and player freedom. With a modified 5e ruleset, combat and roleplaying are smooth, dangerous and fun. I write about D&D and games here:

GM style

My GM classes are: Druid: Instead of relying on linear plots, I excel at creating living worlds for you to explore, influence and dominate. Sorcerer: I'm talented at improvising interesting, unique and compelling encounters. It's rare for players to catch me off-guard - if you go off "the script", then I'll change the story on the fly. Taken together, you'll enjoy a gaming experience high in roleplay, verisimilitude and player freedom.

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