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About me

I have been running games since I was twelve. Since then I have read every book on gaming theory I can get my hands on to work towards running the best games people have ever played. I like to joke that I only even got my degree as a historian just so I can make my settings better! If you are gaming at my table, you are in for worlds and systems you can really sink your teeth into, tailored to your specific interests, in any genre you want. Whether you want to expand your horizons or just fight evil and take its stuff, join one of my games and make some friends and memories. Hope to roll with you soon!

GM style

While I can run anything, I prefer mechanically crunchy, political intrigue games. I am used to gaming with players with particular needs so I am not above seeming silly if it means people get more comfortable throwing themselves into roleplaying. When possible I like to use props and player handouts. Not every game needs maps but I like to use them for players who get something out of that extra visual. I specialize in teaching rpgs to new players, but for the situations where I am playing with more experienced players I am often experimenting with new options to expand people's play experiences. If that is all too vague, for those who know, my favorite modules I have ever run is the Adventure Path: Kingmaker for Pathfinder.

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