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About me

Hola! I am Jeff, the Galaxy Master. I started out TTRPGs with a handful of non-D&D games like Star Wars 2nd edition and pathfinder 1st edition (I never really learned the rules), and then moved on to eventually run my own homebrew D&D games! I call myself the Galaxy Master because it can be abbreviated "GM" and because I love science fiction! I'm slowly expanding my own homebrew multiverse as well as galaxies and planets and steampunk countries! I'm more of a laid back person who encourages players to engage in collaborative world building and I even teach my methods to aspiring game masters! I'm very into sci-fi, horror, psychological, and thriller type tropes/stories but I am flexible and like to encourage my players to communicate their interests! I can also do light hearted, meme, or anime inspired plots as well, as long as everyone is having fun and enjoying themselves!

GM style

I do a lot of "off-the-cuff" roleplay. I enjoy a blend of casual roleplay and serious storytelling! My #1 rule of thumb is as long as everyone is both kind & generous to each other, we'll be in for a GOOD TIME! I like to encourage my players to engage in collaborating on the story and in the world building process, both with character backstories and on the go, as long as there are healthy boundaries and respect for one another and everyone's ideas/beliefs! I also like to use my time with my players to create safe spaces that are open for communication on all fronts. I do have some small training in psychology and am very passionate about maintaining a clear headspace for roleplay! I know I've been hurt by DMs that wouldn't listen to me, so feel free to share anything that might be troubling you! (Please don't overshare for sake of time and others during gametime!)

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