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About me

Greetings adventurers! My name is José and I've been running games for over 30 years. I'm a self-published board game designer and old-school Dungeon Master. My players have enjoyed the level of dedication I bring to the table, and the time I take to prepare the games. I enjoy customizing scenarios to include light puzzles & riddles that complement the battle experience to come. I view role-playing games as a collaborative storytelling experience, with an emphasis on gritty combat, world exploration, and character immersion. A fun, lighthearted, friendly atmosphere is a must in all of my games. So, gather one and all, and let's roll some dice together!

GM style

My aim is to craft immersive game play by designing captivating world environments, exciting combat scenes, and abundant opportunities for player-driven role-play. Anticipate vibrant battle maps, immersive player handouts, map tokens, and scenario-specific background music. Plus, count on my expertise in Roll20 for seamless gameplay! I run sessions with 3-6 players in "mini-campaign arcs", ie: six game sessions, not including session zero. By the last game adventurers are back in town for post-dungeon carousing, downtime and sometimes... to bury their dead. Note: Repurposing a dungeon, shrine or scenario from say the Tomb of Annihilation, or vintage Dungeon Magazine content can be expected. ~~~~~ I Adhere to the Pact, as written by Kelsey Dion You and your players are gaming together to have fun, prop each other up, and strengthen bonds. This is The Pact. The Pact is often unspoken and unseen, but it is always felt. It is based on goodwill, respect, and fellowship. Its enemies are selfishness, antagonism, and arrogance. Decisions made to defend The Pact are always good ones. ~Shadowdark RPG

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