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Wayworn Wyrm

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About me

Good morning, I am WaywornWyrm and welcome to my GM Page. We play games to have fun and tell stories together. Sometimes its popcorn munching action. Sometimes its a heart wrenching exploration of emotions and/or big themes. Most of the time its somewhere in between. I discovered RPGs in elementary school with Baldur's Gate which exposed me to Dungeons and Dragons Second Edition. I sat down for my first tabletop game with friends in high school and I started running games very shortly after. I have been running games online since the mid 2000s and have watched tools being made for that very purpose.

GM style

A lot of my GM style depends on the group and what they want from that particular game and/or session. My number one consideration at the table is to do what I can to ensure the most fun for every member of the group as I can. We are coming together to tell a story and create a good memory, each and every one of us. If I had a group that wanted the exact same things as I wanted then that game would look like this. There would be a lot of roleplaying of each character, everyone would have motives and desires and goals and fears that could be explored. Every place would have detail and feel alive and unique. Combat would be hard and the threat of death would always be on the table, but death would not happen in a way that violates either the story or in a way that takes away the fun.


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