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Vincent Marocco
Game Designer

3 years on StartPlaying

171 games hosted

Highly rated for: World Builder, Creativity, Storytelling

About me

(Personal site at Dungeons and Dragons has been a lifelong hobby for me. I discovered the game when I was a child, and ran my first campaign when I was in middle school. I haven’t stopped playing since. In the 22 years that passed since I started, I’ve run thousands of games as a Dungeon Master. In high school I founded my school’s D&D club, and I started learning to draw so that I could portray the visions that came to me for my games. Later on, I fell in love with virtual tabletops, racking up over 5000 hours in Roll20 and over 1,500 hours in Foundry. And for the last two years, I’ve turned my hobby into a side hustle, becoming a pro dungeon master. I’ve carved out a place for myself as a small batch dungeon master. Instead of running ten games a week and priding myself on quantity, I run a handful of games and go for quality. Many dungeon masters like running published modules, but I always prefer running original material. For me being a dungeon master encompasses not only running the game, but designing it as well. My aim is to immerse the player in a Dungeons and Dragons experience that transcends the ordinary. Though I’ve spent a lifetime playing RPGs, D&D remains my favorite ttrpg and the one I know best. I also structure my games to accommodate the shifting schedules of adult life. I design my games around the attendance I’ve got, and you won’t be committing to anything you need to feel guilty about missing. I practice an open door policy. I’m happy to accommodate both the new and the experienced player, too. I tailor my games for the group I’ve got, and I love having fresh perspectives in the mix. I gladly walk new players through how to use the interface or understand the rules. I strive to be flexible, lenient, and fair. You can see that quite a few of the reviews on my profile are from clients who have played a lot of games with me. That is because I love to make them smile. I focus on providing the best experience for them. I tailor the scenarios to their whims. I get to know them, and encourage them to be themselves. I am always working to figure out to shock, thrill, intrigue, delight, perplex, and captivate them. If you’re looking for the classic dungeon crawling, monster slaying D&D experience, that’s what I’ve devoted myself to perfecting.

GM style

I strive to have a balanced style of DMing. And the balance is between what I see as the three pillars of D&D: exploration, roleplaying, and action. I think every session should have some play in each category to be a truly satisfying game. D&D gives you a certain tool set, and I think that it’s best to use the full range of those tools. Good pacing is another vital element. D&D should always be interesting, it should always feel like “wow, we sure accomplished a lot in this session.” I’m well-attuned to the energy around the table and if a scene is played out, we move on, without lingering on pointless details. I don’t let the energy of the table get dull, I want people to be engaged and feeling like they can always have an impact. I invite you to check out my personal website, where I have curated video and picture examples of my work.


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