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About me

Former Adventurer's League Super DM! (I organized 3 different stores AL games back in 2014-16 in Las Vegas, NV) At the end of that stint I began running games online (and some games in "hybrid" using FG on laptops but being in person). I really enjoy running games for both new players and seasoned. Most of my D&D games are pre-created modules, but I often "mix" things up a bit along the way to adapt to player styles, and often the ending is rarely what any of us expected! It's super fun! The rest of the game systems I run are custom homebrew campaigns.

GM style

I run the official modules, but twist and turn them a bit in ways that fit the player group. Your character backgrounds picked during creation always play a part in the story of the game. I have some homebrew campaigns as well, and they are done West Marches style. When it comes to combat, I generally go with the RAW (rules as written) approach with guidance from Sage Advice articles, and a good dose of common sense judgement. It's perfectly okay to bring up a bad judgement call in the middle of the game. It impacts the level of fun you are having. However, our goal is to reach a reasonable solution quickly, and sometimes that means we can't go with your initial idea. If the idea sounded fun and cool, but it will break the game in ways that doesn't work, I at least give out inspiration and try to help us figure out something fun/cool to do.


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