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As a 20-year veteran, I specialize in long, immersive campaigns that span over a year or more. Within my home-brew world of the Vermillion Isles, sessions run for at least 3 hours, featuring dynamic lighting, custom maps, evocative music, personalized and custom handouts, atmospheric effects, voice modulation, sourced materials, and some API scripts. I focus on crafting rich narratives and fostering exploration over mere 'winning' or endless dungeon crawls, although I ensure players face challenging encounters. Progress is marked by milestones, allowing for negotiation, strategy, or combat at the group's preferred pace. Roll20 Profile Tourist Guide to the Isles PDF Video

GM style

– Over 20 years of Game Mastering – I specialize in creating deeply immersive gameplay experiences. – I craft extensive campaigns that unfold over a year or two, guiding players from humble beginnings to epic heroes. – Our weekly sessions, lasting 3 to 4 hours, offer a consistent journey through a richly developed home-brewed world. – Prioritizing storytelling and roleplay, I aim to balance challenge and enjoyment for all players. – Progression in the game is marked by milestones rather than experience points, allowing for negotiation, strategic planning, and engaging combat encounters at your own pace. – I embrace the "Rule of Cool" to enhance the game's enjoyment. – I design custom maps, handouts, spells, races, subclasses, and magical items to elevate the experience and theme of the world. – Our sessions are lively and immersive and utilize dynamic lighting, sound effects, music, atmospheric enhancements, and playful voice alterations. – Players can access the Vermillion Isles Legend Keeper Wiki, a central hub for all world-related information and our collective adventures.

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