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Saoirse, Veil Adept
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About me

To those of you who join me at the table, welcome! May our time together be filled with mirth, mischief, heartfelt drama, unlikely heroes, and a surplus of groan-inducing puns and memes. I've taken the long way around to the tabletop roleplaying hobby, from adventures in astronomy research and software engineering, to hours of poring over mythology and sociology scholarship for fun, to several years' study in game design... only to discover, in the end, that none of these callings were quite right for me. But I also did theatre. Not just the plays I wrote and performed as a kid with the neighbors, but community plays on campus and self-exploratory live-action roleplaying. And when I took a chance on getting behind the screen for players, I found - to the delighted surprise of all - that I was a remarkably quick study. Technical proficiency, an eye for verisimilitude, deep insight into character and motivation, compassion for the downtrodden among us, and a practiced improvisational wit... all of these disparate talents from other walks of life come together to create immersive, memorable, and empowering experiences for my players.

GM style

As a GM, I combine an actor's enthusiasm for characterization, a dramatist's instinct for pacing, an engineer's obsession with efficiency, and a teacher's patience with hobby and system newcomers. Crunch flows smoothly at my tables thanks to high automation and systems mastery, creating space that we fill together with cinematic flourish, humanizing interactions, and player-driven pursuits. Whether I'm customizing published material or frantically weaving our antics together into something coherent, I pull out all the stops to ensure that your adventure is truly yours, brought to life with all the immersive production values I can muster, and that your agency as a player matters to the overall story.

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