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I have been running games of D&D for decades and enjoy cooperative story generation with creative people. My sessions combine serious plothooks and world building while encouraging players to contribute levity and creativity. My focus as a DM is on running balanced, character-driven campaigns. I find that streamlining combat and other technical aspects of the game through FGU VTT allows more time for role-playing and problem-solving. My favorite moments are when the players take over and I can sit in the background providing context and resolving challenges. Most of my games are built around modules but I add a lot of content to keep things fresh. I build maps and keep a lot of resources on hand, as it helps me encourage creativity and reward player choice.

GM style

My goal is to have my game sessions be engaging, fun, and respectful of everyone involved. I dedicate myself to weaving together the narrative and ensuring all players are encouraged to participate in decisions and escapades. I try to let the players take the lead in establishing the tone of the campaign and the demeanor of the party. I avoid linear/railroaded experiences if possible. I expect my players to find motives for their own characters and to resolve disputes within the party without my input, although I am not reluctant to curtail a conversation that has drifted out of character or become uncomfortable. I like to present a living, rational world for my players to explore, and challenge myself to keep it consistent. I like players that dive right in to their characters, enjoy mixing lighthearted roleplay with demanding combat encounters, and respect their fellow player's ideas and time. I am exploring characters and complex situations in my homebrews. Most of my voices are imitations of various Winnie-the-Pooh characters so Beware, Beware, Beware! I'm equally happy to DM silly chibi adventures for kids or gritty swords and sorcery for the older crowd.

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