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About me

Hello party people! My name is Nicholas, but I go by "The Techno God" Online. I have been DMing since 2016 and feel comfortable, confident, and capable enough to consider myself a true enough Dungeon Master to run games for y'all here. Lots of stumbles and lessons as a beginner have helped me to realize the important things in a game. Start Playing will help to make this passion a main source of income with your support as fellow players. I love to write and I love to DM and I find myself in love with people's characters almost as much as they are most of the time! I am a bit of a cook/chef, and I have had a bit of a spiritual awakening recently; which has changed how the world looks to me. Currently, I run games for friends and others in my Discord Server that others are welcome to join even if you do not subscribe to my services. It is low energy for now, but any neat tools and articles/updates I come across I post there. I create separate rooms and permissions for every game being run or being planned within the server by other GM's so only the people in your game will see your channels. So far it has only been for friends, but now I am branching it out to y'all. Some other things about myself if y'all are interested: I enjoy a good bass drop if you didn't get the hint from the moniker, I used to work at and have recently started volunteering again at a charity for kids with chronic kidney disease, have chronic kidney disease and a transplant myself, love puns and other witty things, my favorite avenger is Iron Man because growth and my own personal story, and... my IRL Class would be a Lorekeeper Bard, for sure. I hope to DM you soon and wish you nothing but the best. My Linktree for more connections:

GM style

I like to start games with RAW, Core + 1 of your choice, etc. Afterwards, though, I am open to homebrews and more than willing to explore longer narrative arcs for characters that get really involved. I oftentimes insert a player character of my own as a member of the party either as a sidekick or as another actual character to fill a thief, medic, or other role that the party might need a fill for... if needed. I don't struggle with improv-ing RP as much as I used to, but still have a tendency to summarize the words an NPC would speak as opposed to role playing. Both are things I strive to improve constantly. Players doing it more often will lead to me practicing more, and I love good in character role play. Improv-ing mechanics is swift and smooth. I believe myself to be a true devil's advocate of fate as you unfold the story, as I don't fudge rolls. I also don't actively try to kill characters, but it has happened before and does not always mean the end. I am comfortable running sci-fi, high fantasy, horror, steampunk, or even magical realism, and try my best to have as little rails as possible. My final thoughts for this entry are two-fold. The first, is a promise, the second, a personal philosophy. I promise if you play these games with me, they will oftentimes be more than 'just' games, they will not be akin to the experiences you hear about online, and they will be something that you are eager to get to the next time around. The mindset I carry is that running a game is like this for me, "Imagine a choose your own adventure story where your choices take you to different pages. The book is me as the DM, and the players decide where it goes, but we are all a part of the same book in the end."


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