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Trevor Lee Ewald

2 years on StartPlaying

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Highly rated for: Storytelling, Creativity, World Builder

About me

I first heard the call to adventure when I was 7 years old ... The flash of steel, the blaring trumpets, magic lit the dark depths of The Temple of Elemental Evil... And you're here now, and I suspect it's because you have heard that we need you, your bravery, your humor, your wit, and your skill! It is as the prophecy foretold, and I have waited these long years to guide you, and bear witness to your great deeds! I LOVE DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS!!! My family and I have played since I was a little boy, and we still get together every weekend for an ongoing 30+ year campaign. If you like playing with someone who values balancing the spirit of the rules with the letter of them. Who encourages creative thinking, tactics, and storytelling, then you're in the right place, adventurer! Prepare your spells, pray to whatever Gods or Devils you follow, and raise your blades as we embark to save lands both familiar and strange. - In person games can be booked through the "Book a GM" button below, I am located in the San Francisco, Bay Area, I can send you a custom quote on request, depending on how much travel is involved. I'm happy to make your local, or destination game a reality! - All levels welcome! I have a multitude of characters ready for beginners. - I'm always happy to run a session 0 with you, just shoot me a DM request below, and we'll have a one on one to help you build a character, show you how to play them, and get over any jitters you might have! - My games tend towards large over arching narratives in an evolving world. Your actions will effect both your party, and other parties as you make choices throughout your session(s). - Returning adventurers who join regular campaigns will find they have more influence in the world. - I am available for custom parties, in person games in San Francisco, and corporate teambuilding/offsites. Just shoot me a DM request! - I prefer that my players are 18+. I usually exclude highly sexual narratives. However, action, violence, and horror are regular parts of my games, as my settings tend towards more of a grimdark world. Don't worry, humor is usually built in to D&D, so it won't be all doom and gloom. - Please let me know if you have anything that makes you uncomfortable before we begin our session so I can make sure we all have a great time! - Remember that we play D&D as a cooperative game, so let's make sure to honor each other's needs and time as we have folks from many walks of life that find their way to glory, heroism, and of course... TREASURE!

GM style

A frigid exhaling of a thousand open mouths rose up from the pit that yawned before them, the adventurers drew weary breaths as the smell hit them first. Old and dry, the ravening maw of ancient hunger held a cold so deep that it seared their flesh. It was then, in that moment at the precipice of this place of madness that they saw it. The tumbling mass of the abyss came upon them with a sickening cadence. Limbs and teeth at crooked angles, supporting a corpulent body that could not be a thousand faces in broken countenance... These brave few did not know that they would survive, but they could not abide the thing to live. Roll initiative... I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I love D&D. I grew up a huge fan of classical literature, fantasy, horror, and science fiction. Being able to create a world where real people (and with time, usually friends) come together to tell a story at their comfort level, and in their space is a beautiful thing to me. It is unique as a game, in that it promotes camaraderie, while putting people in a position that can simulate situations and feelings that they might otherwise never get the chance to explore. I enjoy Roleplaying npcs to help create compelling, and relatable characters to help my adventurers want to tell their story, and to get in the action. As part of that, I love the challenge of learning new accents, and the invitation to empathize, and expand our sense of selves that doing so can create. I love narrating a challenging, action filled, heroic (or villianous) combat sequence that requires group dynamics, skill, and the development of tactical problem solving. I tend towards a grimdark narrative, as I feel that the potential for consequences for our characters helps maintain the tone of the story, the tension of the dice rolls, and sets an atmospheric backdrop for my adventurers to shine.


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