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Niklas | Tree'O'Tales
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About me

I'm Nik a DM since High School and have been running adventurers for over 100 people by now. I've always enjoyed either creating stories from nothing or adapting existing material into a narrative that is both interesting and enjoyable. I'm a Student in Austria, so I'm naturally fine with both English and German groups as well as groups that speak a mixture - Playing DnD in the language that you try to learn while always being able to fall back on the language that you know is a great way of learning. I know because that is why my friends and I picked up this hobby in the first place --- Especially when DMing where the Main Characters act as they (or you, the Players) want to, it has been my greatest Joy to make Stories that revolve around their actions and decisions and making the World around them feel as Alive and Realistic as possible while keeping the Game fun for everybody.

GM style

As you open your eyes you find yourself in a cozy little cottage, where you can smell Coffee brewing and hear a Fireplace burning. It feels... unfamiliar but safe. In a rocking chair next to the Fireplace you can see a Humanoid Figure sitting, indistinct and unseeable but certainly there. A Voice greets you: "Welcome, we got Coffee or Tea and maybe some Biscuits" The Figure opens a Book, its Pages blank and speaks again: "Let us write a Story. Not just me, not just you, but both of us in Parts. That way we both can have our fun." You get the feeling that the figure is smiling at you. --- As a DM I always focus on the enjoyment and comfort of everybody as my top priority. Rules can be written anew and anybody can be kind or gone. I'm Bi so anybody who got a problem with that please stay away ^^ My Campaigns should be as safe a haven as a Daydream for anyone. Any of my Campaigns have a mandatory Session 0, where we discuss and decide boundaries and triggers as well as what the 'Theme' of the Campaign is supposed to be since Adventure, Heroics, Horror and Comfort Comedy are all very different. I love DMing for any kind of Group, be that a focus on roleplay, story or tactics, but I do expect all Players to stay within the boundaries and Theme that the group decided on. (Which we can naturally change later on, but don't expect Tactical Grimdark when we agreed on a mythical Epic) I have a set of Homebrew Rules that I will give to my groups during Session 0, some are optional Rules to improve the Flow and Feel of the Game, while others are mandatory - especially those that improve common Problem Cases and reduce wasted Time since it's no fun to sit around doing nothing when paid for a Session. I enjoy a Challenge and have been 'trained' (or tortured) enough by very creative Players to be proud of my improvisational Skills and Stories. Join my Server on Discord for Updates and early Campaign Sign-Ups:

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