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Samuel Traquina
Game Designer

1 year on StartPlaying

Highly rated for: Voices, Storytelling, Sets the Mood

About me

Hi, I'm Samuel and I'll be your Dungeon Master if you so desire! I am from Portugal, I run my local D&D Meetup group and I love bringing people into fantastic worlds, fighting off dangerous creatures, uncover villainous plots and finding amazing loot! I have been playing for six years and running games for the past five, both for friends and for companies, locally in Oporto, Portugal, as team building experiences. I have designed many adventures, mostly for level one characters, since I love bringing new people to the roleplaying hobby. I am a big fan of all them great GMs out there and, if you think you're going to suffer the "You-Know-Who Effect" at my tables, well, you might, but I highly doubt it.

GM style

I mostly use Discord for communication and soundtrack, with Tableplop or The RPG Engine for maps and D&DBeyond for character sheets and rolling, but I am willing to accomodate if you have other preferences. šŸŽ¬ Roleplay: I use different voices and do sound effects as much as possible. I try to encourage players to do the same. I have virtually no fear of the ridicule and I try to make the NPCs and the world feel alive. āš”ļø Combat: I use maps, usually with 5ft grids to run most encounters, although I am very much open to Theater of the Mind as well. My combat is usually not too strategic, but it is usually fun and fast. Even though it is a big part of the game, for me it serves a story and should not be bothersome. Also, I like hard combat. This doesn't mean that I am constantly trying to kill every Player Character, but it does mean that I like to keep the players on their toes and I like them to feel that the encounter had some significance. With that said, if you rather have a combat-light or even no-combat adventure, by all means, I am also your guy! Again, for me, combat must serve the story and if the story doesn't need combat, then all is well. ā™Ÿ Rules: I try to go "Rules as Written" as much as possible, but, hey, I'm only human and there may come a time when I can't recall something from the top of my head. Expect me to make a decision on the spot and move along for the sake of pacing. In such situations, I will later read up and inform you of my mistake as well as the correct approach. I use the "rule of cool" often and constantly award inspiration for great roleplaying and/or creativite problem solving. šŸŽ² Adventures: I love running both official material as well as homebrew stuff. I am also a fan of having player's background stories weaved into the adventures, so expect that even when running pre-written adventures.


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