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About me

Hello! My name is Joseph, but online I go by TormentedByGnomes (TBG). I'm a dungeon master for 23 years who loves the game, loves introducing new people to the game, and loves going off the deep-end of the hobby with experienced folks just as much. I'm the DM and producer for Casters & Castles, an actual play channel featuring esports casters & commentators playing D&D and other tabletop RPGs. If you want an idea of what I'm like as a DM, check out our YouTube Channel. I've done it all, from intimate games that heavily involve the characters and their backstories, to sweeping epic adventures to save the world, to webs of political intrigue and kingdom building, to wide-open sandboxes that don't CARE if you just wandered into a high level zone and you're only level 2. Join me for a gaming experience that will always prioritize the safety and well being of the people at the table, without compromising the immersion and excitement of the world your characters experience.

GM style

My two favorite styles are open-world sandboxes and tightly crafted narratives that revolve around the players and their backstories. I am great at creating worlds, dramatic vistas and amazing scenes. I use Voice Modulators to create characters like robots, demons, fairies and other creatures. I would always rather say "Yes, and" or "no, but" to allow player creativity to run wild. I consider myself good enough at the hobby to accommodate any curve balls my players throw at me while still creating challenging and exciting stories for them to experience.


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