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About me

Infinite possibilities drew me into role-playing as a kid. We create our own worlds. Worlds populated by fantastical locations, friends, foes and monsters. In this medium, we share amazing stories. I love the incredible social interaction; finding fast friends with a common point of interest. These things continue to bring me into RPGs. For nearly 40 years I have been gaming, most of that as a "forever DM." I’m an old-school gamer with modern sensibilities for culture and game design. What I bring to our shared experience: A collaborative storytelling mindset, unique and colorful NPCs, comfort with improvising, homebrew and published settings, and a desire to share epic moments that focus on your characters! In my arsenal are Roll20, Discord, Obsidian Portal and D&D Beyond. Please, reach out if you have questions… or just want to chat.

GM style

I'm a collaborative storyteller at heart, a shared world and experience for me and my players. I love telling stories that focus on those player characters. Their trials, successes, failures, friends, their moments. In short, how they affect their world. And my job as your GM is to make sure there is at least one memorable moment a session that makes you go Wow!

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