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Hi! My name is Toasty, I've been running D&D campaigns for the last 5 years, both in One Shot and long campaign styles, between these two types, I have run 15 games split between on and offline. I started playing way back in 2004, but found more enjoyment in the creating of worlds and leading a group from the start of a small quest, all the way to whatever their end game may be. All campaigns are 'starters.' Once session zero is complete the storyline will be changed to incorporate every player's backstory, building them into the world in a bit more depth.

GM style

In my past, I always loved the Roleplay aspect of TTRPG's, the chance to slip into another world and life was always a fantastic escape, as I grew combat became more integral, with dungeon crawls being the order of the day. Growing into the role of a DM, combat and roleplay evolved into something else. Combat became more involved, trying out different things and learning new aspects about how to balance fights to give players a chance to feel like bad-**sses, carving through Goblins, all the way to pyrrhic victories in the end game when beating the big bad costs everything. Roleplay became its own challenge, finding the balance with NPCs that support the team without becoming their own full character, while still making individual NPCs memorable, I might not be the best at voices, but I'll make sure they stand out. Storyline building is one thing I've grown to love in particular, taking aspects from the players backstory and fleshing out the world around them. This is something I aim to do in all games, once session zero is completed, I go back and modify the backstory to include everyone, after all you're ALL the heroes, not just another person on the street. While I've only got a couple of games listed at the moment, I'm always happy to learn more! If you have a preferred game system and a group looking for a Games Master that is happy to give you a unique story, look no further!

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