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About me

Hey, I'm Tilted (he/him/they/them), and I'm a 27 year old IT student with a love for roleplaying, improv, acting and fantasy. As such I've been drawn to tabletop gaming since I first learned about it. It's something I'm passionate about, and that I love to share with other people. Whether you're a veteran player, or playing for the first time in your live, you're welcome at my table. And if you're new, I'm happy to take my time, to teach and help you with learning how things work. I've been DMing in various systems (but mostly Pathfinder 1e, and D&D 5e) for close to 10 years now, both IRL and online, initially on Roll20 and now on Foundry. And now I'm here, to take you on your next adventure.

GM style

As a DM I always try to incorporate ideas from my players or parts of their backstory into the game, homebrewing and modifying existing adventures as necessary in the process. As such I'm happy also happy to allow homebrew or whip something up, if something you'd like to do doesn't necessarily exist within the original rules. Homebrew, Unearthed Arcana, or interesting third party content is all on the table. If something is overpowered, I'll make adjustments, but not without consulting the player first, to find a fair solution that doesn't remove the fun, or core aspect of an ability, but also doesn't trivialise encounters to the detriment of other players. When it comes to the Rules in general, I prioritise RAI over RAW, and everyone having fun over both of those. The rules and dice exist for a reason, and help facilitate a fun experience, but sometimes it's better to just ignore them, for the sake of fun ideas, tension, drama or for something cool. I'm also not a fan of getting bogged down in small, tedious details like encumbrance, and tend to just ignore rules around that. My games tend to be a fair mix of RP and combat, depending on the decisions of the players, their preferences, and the overall situation (or adventure). When it comes to combat, I do my best to run enemies in a way that fits their stats. Intelligent creatures will utilise strategies, feral beasts will be driven by instincts. With that in mind, I base the difficulty of combat, or of the adventure in general on what my players want. You want a lighthearted, low stakes adventure with combat as an after thought? Enemies will be weaker, make mistakes, and won't kill you. You want a challenge, but still be able to wing it in combat? Enemies are going to be smart and exploit some weaknesses, traps will injure, but not kill, you, and while death is possible, it's easy to avoid, and only a moderate risk in bossfights. You want to really strategize, carefully plan and pick your battles, with death lurking at every corner? Well, you better not get too attached to your character. Every encounter could end in death. Enemies will exploit any weakness they can find, will strategize and use everything at their disposal. Any mistake could be the last, and sometimes running away is gonna be the smartest choice.

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