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About me

Hello! Tideweaver is my gaming moniker but I also go by my name Robert. I have been playing TTRPGs and RPGs in general since my first Playstation back in 1998. I started with titles from the Final Fantasy franchise (9, 8, 7, tactics), Age of Empires (I, II Age of Kings, II Age of Conquerors), and of course Pokemon/Digimon. I then grew into titles like Disgaea franchise, Tactics Ogre, Final Fantasy 10-15, card battle games (Magic, Yugioh, Pokemon), Skyrim, Kingdoms of Amalaur, Dragon's Dogma. I have always been a fan of high fantasy in general and some of my favorite series include the Obsidian Triology by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory, the Inheritence Cycle by Christopher Paolini, and of course Harry Potter. As of late I have been really interested in LITRPG as a whole. To this day my favorite game of all time is Final Fantasy IX, though its very heavily influenced by my personal nostalgia. I have been actively playing Dungeons and Dragons for the past 5 years and am now interested in running specific campaigns that I enjoy. They key (in my opinion) to running a good campaign is being excited and passionate about the content of the campaign and passing that on into the world for the players. I am an aspiring author, active player of Final Fantasy XIV, and work full time.

GM style

I like a balance of engaging roleplay and tactical combat. If a campaign starts to break too far one way or another I will introduce elements to maintain the balance, whether that means a sudden seemingly random encounter or the party is mysteriously teleported out of the heart of a dungeon for an unforseen event.

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