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About me

I starting playing D&D at school when a friends older brother ran a game for me and from that point I was hooked. Ever since them it's been a major part of my life. At some point as happens to all, I took up the mantle of DMing and I haven't looked back since. There's nothing as satisfying as creating an environment / setting / situation and seeing people thrive and make that space their own. I offer players a mix of Role Play, skill challenges, puzzles, and (of course) combat. I am an author of dozens of adventures, maps and subclasses that have been published on Patreon and some of which I have self-published through DMsGuild. D&D is a place where you can right wrongs, defeat the unjust, and find fantastical treasure in roughly three to four hours per session of pure escapism. You are the hero, I am not your enemy (though I will play those enemies ably) and we're all here to have a great time that we'll talk about for weeks or months later! My rules as DM: * LGBTQ+ safe space * No ageism, sexism, racism, ableism, or other discrimination ever allowed * Clear Red Lines prior to play (what is NEVER allowed) * Negotiable Veils prior and during play (what can be implied or hinted, but not explicitly stated) * Responsible and responsive play; open door policy about character, setting, play style, etc

GM style

I endeavor to customize my games to my players wherever possible. My first love is combat. However I always endeavor to make my combat more than just trapping the monster in the corner and hit it a bunch. Be this environmental conditions, secondary objectives or custom monsters no two fights are the same. Combat is only one of the pillars and I love to roleplay, and do my best to differentiate with voices, mannerisms and language. I try to be attentive to everyone at the table so all get a chance at the spotlight. The most important thing for me is that everyone is having fun and feels safe.


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