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Daniel Shelton
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Highly rated for: Storytelling, Knows the Rules, Creativity

About me

Greetings, fellow heroes of pen, dice, & paper! I'm a writer, game designer, and RPG enthusiast. Ever since I played D&D in a cabin in the woods when I was a kid, I have been a dedicated Player (when I get the chance) and DM (more often than not). That was over 30 years ago and I have been honing my craft ever since. I live in Florida with my beautiful wife and three hobbits we have decided to raise. For me TTRPGs are all about the Story, the Characters in them, and the Choices they make because that is where you find all of those meaningful and truly EPIC moments.

GM style

As a creative fiction writer, I excel at world building, engaging NPCs, character development, and an intriguing story that adapts to the PCs actions within the world. I am comfortable with all aspects of the game from combat to role play, from exploration to puzzles. I have GMed various campaigns with varying proportions of each. I have been a storyteller for hundreds of games, for a wide variety of groups, in traditional RPG settings, and even games of my own custom design. My specialty is being able to tailor make a gaming experience to a particular group or audience. I enjoy running campaigns for players of all kinds. New to the game? No problem! I can introduce you to wondrous worlds (and teach you the basics). Grizzled veteran? We can swap tales and I can present you with a new challenge or twist. And everything in between. In short, join my table if you want a world that comes alive where you can explore the character concept you have dreamed up.

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