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About me

GREETINGS! My name is Jasper (aka Jared) and when I'm not working as a voice actor, I enjoy throwing down on some TTRPG magic over the interwebs. So far my GM journey has taken me into the wondrous and complex system that is D&D 5e. I run a campaign on here called Islanderia (currently looking for two more players) and I run a game I've been playing before I was a paid GM. I also recently discovered the delights of You Awaken in a Strange Place. (and I'm in love) I sincerely look forward to creating new adventures and stories with you! My games are uniquely intangled with a host of immersive technology that allows me to take descriptions I give and bring them to life with custom sound effects, augmented reality effects, and atmospheric music soundtracks that will keep you engaged even when the bard won't shut up about how brilliant their last performance was or how many new spell books the wizard discovered in the market the night previous. If you have a specific system or setting you and your group wish to run, I'm here to fulfill those needs! Let's discuss it and make the perfect game for your adventure. If you and/or your group are completely new to table top roll playing games, I'm here to help you get started. You'll be able to confidently sit down at any table you choose after we've expediently created the groundwork of your knowledge. Message me and let's get rolling.

GM style

I enjoy using accents and exaggerated mannerisms to give my characters life and personality beyond their names and descriptions. My worlds are thick with fragrant smells, creative sounds, textural touches, and grandiose descriptions to keep your imagination exploring the scene I set for us to act on. I also provide atmospheric music to give some aural flavor to our sessions and create even more immersion. My favorite moment in TTRPG's is when every player can unite during the session in a cohesive collective, fully immersed in the story they're creating with me. I pride myself in providing a stage that is easy to step into and quickly provides a comfortability that allows every player to unleash their unadulterated potential as a role playing character. It is my primary goal and I try hard to maintain games that give as much to my players as they give to it ...and more.

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