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Hi! My name is Bryan and I love TTRPGs. From D&D, to Star Wars, to Shadowrun and beyond! Be it high stakes adventure stealing loot from a Dragon's hoard, or scheming on the backstreets of some Cyberpunk city for a corporate sponsor. I love creating a story and helping others lose themselves for a few hours in every game. I first started playing TTRPGs way back in the 90's as a teen, but like many I found my way back to it during the lockdowns of 2020. Reuniting with old friends from back home, I started to play again and eventually began to DM my own games in 2021. So here I am, wanting to improve my DM skills beyond some close friends, meet new people and help others find fun in the joy of TTRPG's.

GM style

A heavy focus on character driven stories is my style. I like to tailor my campaigns to your character, and weave the backstory into the narrative if I can. I like an emphasis on roleplay too. However, no-one should ever feel pressured to perform. So don't worry if you don't want to do character voices. Everyone should play in their comfort zone. I do this to make you, as the player, feel like your character matters to your party and to the world. Your decisions will have an impact on the world, its people and the future options you will have as the game progresses. A multitude of factors will make fights impactful. A few examples include monster variety, clever terrain use, and optional objectives to keep the battle dynamic.

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