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About me

Hello! My name is Andrew. I've been playing TTRPG's since the early days of the Hellfire Club (that would be the early 80's!), and have been a forever GM since. My roots are in D&D but I've since branched out and explored dozens of other role-playing game systems with my most recent favorites being Free League publications such as Alien RPG, Blade Runner RPG and Lord of the Rings RPG. I now DM/GM professionally at various (mainly virtual) conventions throughout the year, have a fairly active discord community and have recently started streaming. What you'll find if you join my games, is my passion for player engagement, immersion and story telling. The focus in all of my games, whether they be one-shots or long-term campaigns, is always on your characters and their stories. I bring to the table over 30 years of game mastering experience, expert level knowledge in various virtual table tops, literally terabytes of digital assets including 3D battlemaps, epic licensed music, and commissioned artwork that I've collected over the years.

GM style

The characters you bring to the table are central to the stories we will tell and as such deserve individualized story arcs, with their own goals, history, personalities and flaws. Not surprisingly, my games tend to have a healthy dose of RP, and each of your characters' deeds and decisions will have consequences. Combat will be meaningful (no murder hoboing please), definitely challenging, and possibly deadly. Whether I run a published adventure, or take you through my homebrew world, I infuse each session with new and unique elements to ensure an immersive and customized experience. My commitment to you is to provide a safe, respectful, engaging and entertaining space that allows our imaginations to take flight, and make some new friends along the way :)


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