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About me

They/Them I have been running and playing TTRPGs since 2012, where I started with Pokemon Tabletop Adventures/United and Call of Cthulhu! A few years later, I expanded into running D&D 5e, and now am trying to learn as many systems as I can. I am incredibly familiar and comfortable with running games using the Roll20 VTT system, and run all my games (both personal and professional) using the site. In my time as a teacher, I helped facilitate a club for students to learn how to play rpgs and other strategy games, and so I am very familiar with running for newer players and always welcome to help them out! I have run at several conventions and game days, including DragonCon, PAXUnplugged, Extra Life game days, and smaller cons such as Weekend in Waterdeep and Secret Mission Con. I am comfortable with both official modules and settings as well as crafting my own homebrew adventures. I try to bring an equal balance of combat and roleplay into my games, but can adjust depending on the party's preference! I myself am queer and my tables are 100% lgbtq+ and POC friendly. I strive to include diverse NPCs in my games and put them in there if they aren't written in already.

GM style

I am a huge fan of strategic and detailed combat, as well as crafting character-centric narratives for my larger-scale campaigns.


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