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About me

I’m just your average spellcaster! 🧙‍♀️ 🎭 My Origin Story: If you could look back to 2008, you’d see an awkward gathering of high school theater kids rolling dice behind the school stage curtain. There weren’t enough character sheets in the starter set, so a girl with square-rimmed glasses grabbed the adventure booklet instead. That was me. From that fateful day, I’ve been entrusted with the mantle of Dungeon Master. ✨ A Bit of My Magic: My continued pursuit of theater education, intertwined with a passion for improv and a grounded understanding of esoteric arts, brings a distinct dreamlike touch to my storytelling. I embrace the whimsical allure of realms like Neverland, Wonderland, and Hogwarts, crafting sessions that appeal to beginners and those craving a taste of the timeless and wondrous. 🌍 Beyond the Dice: D&D is more than just a game; it's been a beacon, guiding me to lifelong friendships, no matter where my journey took me. To me, D&D is a bridge, uniting us in the age-old act of storytelling that can transform strangers into trusted allies by providing a shared space where we can all belong.

GM style

🏰 Crafting Unique Adventures: Expect framing devices that weave intricate plots, epistolary elements that bring our world to life, and cliffhangers that will leave you yearning for more. With collaborative world-building, your backstory isn't just a page in a book; it's an integral chapter in our shared tale. 🛡️ My Arsenal: Whether we gather around a physical table or meet in a digital realm, I come equipped. Custom-made miniatures, handcrafted maps, tactile props, LED lighting effects, and even the occasional fog set the stage for our in-person encounters. For our digital adventures, expect the marvels of the Foundry Virtual Tabletop, animated macros, high definition maps with weather and lighting dynamics, and immersive video landscapes. No matter where we are, the ambience is carefully curated with soundscapes and music playlists, immersing you deeper into the fantasy. 🌟 My Promise: Your adventure is also a shared journey. I champion open communication, fostering a welcoming environment to all, encouraging cooperative play, and ensuring every player feels empowered in their decisions. Every quest is not only magical but respectful and inclusive. Your epic saga awaits! Are you ready to roll initiative? 🎲


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