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Kelly Wright
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About me

My name is Kelly (they/them) and I have been playing TTRPGs for over 10 years. I've GMed for a wide range of systems, including D&D, Powered By The Apocalypse, Vampire: The Masquerade, and more! Right now I am the Storyteller for Tabletop Tiddies (Tiddies By Night). I have sat at the table with some of the big names of the industry, including Matthew Mercer, B. Dave Walters, Erika Ishii, and Noura Ibrahim. My style is very malleable, adjusting to the wants of the players. I run a safe table that prioritizes consent and inclusion, and my games are always LGBT+ friendly. My favorite themes vary wildly, I love Horror, High Fantasy, Sci-fi, Modern, and Survival. I enjoy heavy RP focused games, but won't shy away from a good fight. I've run multi-stage epic level fights, as well as personal 1v1 duels on church roofs. I use Roll20 for maps, tokens, and audio (all ambiance, so you can mute if you have auditory concerns), and the players can use whatever they prefer for their sheets. We'll play over Zoom, and I won't be doing in person session until the pandemic is completely over.

GM style

I do my best to engage all players and make sure nobody feels like they are being pushed aside. I do voices and give every NPC a unique personality. I'll use Roll20 for complicated battles or rely on theatre of the mind if it's something quick. For collaborative games I let everyone in on the world building and make them feel like their character is important to the narrative. I know the rules and will play by them, but if rule of cool comes up and the table is the right vibe then let's play ball.


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