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About me

I have been a GM for over 6 years and have run several different styles of games. From hack and slash to deep story driven campaigns where players get to play out their character's goals and ambitions, while making an incredible collaborative story that will be remembered for years to come. When my players surprise me by coming at a problem from an unexpected direction, and completely derailing what I have planned is one of my favorite parts. I love this because it keeps me on my toes and sometimes the best parts of the story come from times like these. As a GM I take the role of stage setter and guide. So please come and share your stories on my stage. I look forward to running a game or campaign for you and your friends or a group of complete strangers that will become friends.

GM style

I love to play these crazy fun games with a passion! I do my best to role play with voices and have realistic npcs. I enjoy watching players get into sticky situations and find new and unexpected ways out of them. I like to run home brew open world games from the worlds I have created so that the players can play in a world where their actions can have long lasting affects that can be seen in later games. I am also happy to run modules if that is preferred.


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