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About me

I suppose most of us here have always been drawn to tales of adventure and heroism... Maybe we would hang out with people who could make us smile with just a few words... I am sure you did to. So, now I hope that we can to tell a great story together. As kids I started with AD&D and now, 30ish years later someone finally tells me I could get more than just free pizza as a GM so... lets have some fun tonite! The spirit of those stories, is embodied in all of us and with the growth of Technology and many new great Campaigns, we can explore together so many wonderful worlds. Recently, I have spent most of my time in Golaria (Pathfinder) and the planets surrounding the Space Station Absalom (Starfinder). Now I hope we can spend some time to travel these worlds together.

GM style

Remember this is your interactive journey I will just help keep your world from falling apart! (hopefully?) So A few Tips: The Tech - We will generally use Foundry (but sometimes Roll20) as well as Discord for my games. These are all FREE for you the players Player Agency - It's important that players know that their choices matter. The game environment will change and react to the player's actions from minute to minute, and session to session. Immersion - I will do my best to to help us focus on the game environment, instead of our dice. Tactical maps - We will be using tactical maps for combat... this keeps us all knowing we are at least somewhere close to the same place. Rules are there to be broken - I love improvised actions. Describe how you're going to be awesome, and I'll work with you! Laughter - The game is all about laughing with/at your friends! (even the ones you haven't met yet...)

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