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About me

Greetings, Dears and Darlings! I'm Gabriel Caetano, pronouns they/them, a professional Role-Playing Game Facilitator (aka GM) from Brazil. I am Queer and neurodivergent, and I am a proud Global South TTRPG creator. Role-playing games are my passion, my work, and my art; from writing my own games to running and facilitating games to players all across the globe, it is a great way to expand perspectives in breadth and scope. Together I we will create and visit wondrous worlds in a variety of genres, from fantasy to sci-fi, experiencing adventures full of comedy and drama, struggle and joy, losses and victories. Narrative-Driven Adventures for Passionate Role Players.

GM style

What I got are narrative-driven adventures for passionate role-players. Or, in other words: - player and character agency first; - collaborative story-telling; - people over play, play over system; - fiction-first approach; - safe play environments. I'm particularly drawn to games that empower players to make meaningful choices and shape the narrative. I also enjoy creating my own games, and I'm always eager to try out new systems and mechanics. When running games, I strive to create engaging and immersive worlds that allow players to explore, interact, and shape the story. I love to use a variety of games and systems to create a dynamic and engaging campaign, and I'm always open to experimenting with new approaches. I'm committed to fostering a safe and inclusive gaming environment, where all players feel valued and respected. I believe that TTRPGs are a powerful tool for exploring diverse perspectives and promoting empathy, and I'm always happy to work with players to create characters and stories that reflect their individual experiences and identities. Whether you're a seasoned TTRPG veteran or a newcomer to the hobby, I'm excited to work with you and help you explore the limitless possibilities of the tabletop gaming world!

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