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About me

If you love story-centric, roleplay-strong gamepIay with some kickass combat and thematic battlemaps, I'm the GM for you! I think collaborative storytelling is one of our most unique and incredible artforms, and my approach as a GM reflects that. We're telling a story together, so your character will be integral to the world we build, and you'll have agency in your choices that will shape the story as it goes. Every voice around the table matters, and each of us should be comfortable and having fun. I work hard at understanding what excites and entertains each of my players so that everyone is uniquely prioritized and gets their moment in the sun, whatever that looks like for them! As a GM, I love worldbuilding and lore, and creating a unique world to explore and interact with is important to me - even if that world is a pre-written, I'll always put my own spin on it and make sure my players' choices can shape and impact the narrative - *pirate voice* they're more like guidelines, anyway.* I also love to build dramatic moments, high stakes, and intriguing moral decisions for my players, in a world that has depth and nuance. Each group around a table is completely unique, so I'll ask for feedback and input along the way and trust you to give it honestly to make the best play experience for all of us. Let's get a game going!

GM style

I try to keep a good balance - by session and overall - of roleplay, combat, and other game mechanics (puzzles, strategy, mysteries, etc.). If I lean toward one most, it's roleplay, because I love to shape the story with my players, but combat is also story-driven and story-shaping in my games, and who doesn't love slinging powerful spells and whacking things with weapons?? Sometimes you just want to whomp some things. The interactive play will range from theater-of-the-mind to big, fancy battlemaps, depending on what the situation calls for and permits. As a GM, I love creating cool, interactive battlemaps for my players, so that will be my approach whenever possible! As a player, I most enjoy the creative problem solving of D&D - being presented with a challenge that I have to creatively think and strategize my way around - so I tend to approach games the same way for my players. Since the greatest moments of triumph come from overcoming true difficulty, I make sure to give my games real stakes, which includes letting the dice tell the story and being willing to kill PCs. That said, all that is subject to group around the table and what will make the game fun for each player involved. "Winning" D&D means everyone is having fun, and that's the ultimate goal that everything else bows to.


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