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About me

Characters are what make a story come to life. Without them, the world is just a setting with no moving plot. I put the central focus of my storytelling on the drives and desires of the player characters and the NPCs I run, in order to tell the story from the ground-up based on their interactions and conflicts of interest. I started running game 21 years ago, playing AD&D (2nd edition) with school friends in a Haggen's food court. Since then, I've run everything from White Wolf to Dark Heresy to Savage Worlds, always looking for new mediums to tell stories through. I've even made a couple homebrew systems and subsystems of my own! I almost always write my own stories and campaigns, but will sometimes run pregenerated adventures to stay current on trends and new GMing techniques. I also make custom campaigns for birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, etc. If you want me to make you something special, just reach out to me and we can talk details.

GM style

A well-rounded style that focuses on interactions between players and the world around them. Expect a sense of realism and danger, balanced by fairness and player autonomy. Your actions will affect the world, and may sometimes have unintended consequences... I weave foreshadowing, symbolism, and other indirect methods of storytelling into the characters and plot, so if you sense I'm hinting at another level of depth, dive in! There are usually 'Easter Eggs' for inquisitive or attentive players that allow parties nonviolent or creative ways to solve problems. Expect creatures to behave realistically, including in combat. Guards subdue and interrogate, beasts run when injured, bandits run when they lose the upper hand, mind flayers and zombies eat brains, etc.

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