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About me

My name is Eric (he/him), yet another forever Storyteller who had their first roleplay experience with Vampire: The Masquerade and D&D 3.5 back in the early 2000's. Not long after, I ran my first of many games ever; Star Wars D20. Years later, I gained the reputation as the friend who could whip up a game session from nothing in 15 minutes. This led to some long-running campaigns of my Legend of Zelda (technically still going 18 years later) and my custom-made multiverse game Zoridock (of which I have a campaign nearing it's conclusion). I tend to run character driven campaigns that focus on heavy roleplay and narrative threads rather than combat, though I don't shy away from anyone deciding to take the heavy-handed approach. Come help create a collaborative story, one that we'll all look back on with fond memories, and more than a few epic tales to regale other players of. Who's ready for an adventure?

GM style

------------------------------------------------------------------ TL;DR version: šŸ“œ Fun story over game mechanics šŸ§­ Character-driven dynamic sandbox šŸ˜ˆ Devil-in-the-details story šŸŽ­ Player agency over plot ------------------------------------------------------------------ The long version: I believe in the Golden Rule that supersedes all other rules: Have fun. Apart from that, I tend to favor story over the rules as written. That being said, I try to stay consistent with what rulings I make. This is why I consider myself a Storyteller instead of a Dungeon Master or Game Master. I don't adhere to the traditional aspect of acts and story arcs, preferring to use themes and genre blending to support the character driven sandbox world that I populate with as realistic and outrageous npc's as I can. Player agency is one of the most important aspects to me as a GM, so players should have the complete freedom to do anything they wish. Though this isn't without consequence, and indeed I endeavor to make the world as dynamic as possible. The choices the player characters make influences what actions and reactions the npc's take behind the scenes, sometimes even setting up long-spanning situations down the road based on even the most minor of decisions the characters make in the first few handfuls of sessions. Another phrase I agree with completely considering campaigns is "The devil's in the details." As such, I tend to keep the action going in real-time with as minimal time-jumps as possible. Think of it like playing Skyrim and traveling from point A to point B on foot rather than via fast travel. Sure, it takes far more time to get there, but you don't miss out on all of the stories, encounters, and mysteries along the way that may make the experience one that you never would have expected. While I don't favor combat, I also don't avoid it. I encourage players to think outside of the box to find ways around obstacles, though I also encourage character consistency. If a martially trained character would naturally take on a situation head-on in combat, I won't intervene and tell them to try another way. When dealing with house rule situations both before and during a session, I like to involve everyone at the table in the decision making process for each ruling. These rulings take effect only if everyone is happy with the resolution; though keep in mind that the new rules also applies to the npc's as well. At the end of the day, the only thing I really try to make sure is that everyone had a fun game, and that my players look forward to the next one.


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