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About me

Hello fellow adventurers! I live in sunny Florida and have an awesome little girl and wonderful girlfriend! When I'm not running D&D for a bunch of adults, I can be found in my natural habitat running D&D for them and doing just all-around dad stuff :) I've been running and playing Dungeons and Dragons for right at 18 years at this point. It's one of the loves of my life. I love being a part of a developing story that naturally occurs rather than railroading a vision that I think it should be like and also helping players see their true potential through their characters.

GM style

I favor more of the survivalist side of DND and I like to try and make sure the things that you do matter so we're not just rolling dice and pretending. Verisimilitude is incredibly important to me, so a lot of times we'll take the time to go through the motions with rules. I roll all attacks out in the open, I do blind skill rolls for those who call for it, and I require players to be prepared to jot down a simple map for dungeons and wilderness because you don't get any of player maps in this game. On the adverse, I love to reward players' creativity in problem-solving. If we don't have to roll a skill, we don't. There's something to be said about player ingenuity over character skill that I very much like to encourage.


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