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About me

Fantasy lover, poet, and voice actor extraordinaire! To play my games, I wonder... would you dare? I love cosplay and roleplaying. You can find me dressed up at a Renaissance Faire, or even just randomly in the woods with some friends! It's such a fun experience that translates directly into the virtual platform in form of ideas and theatrics. I am a writer and poet with a certain flair for the dramatic. Some call it extra, but I call it an exciting way of expressing myself in an entertaining fashion! My core memories involve my love of literature and fantasy settings, and it has certainly shaped who I am to this day. Let me take you through a journey of my mind, and immerse you in my worlds for a one of a kind experience! You are very welcome to stay as a member of my Discord server, where there is always something happening! It is a vibrant and entertaining place with very supportive and amazing humanoids. There are usually offers for test run volunteers, and I am very supportive of newer GMs, who have a special place for players to get to know them and get a better look at what they have to offer. An amazing community for lovers of the math rocks and having fun! Private Bookings and Games to Look Out For: Current Campaigns: -Curse of Strahd: Barovia's Tale of Sorrow -Lost Realms: Phandelver and Beyond Current One-Shot Options: -Curse of Strahd: Castle Ravenloft -Icespire Peak: The Dragon of Icespire Hold -Lost Tales of Faerun: Sibilant Shade -Out of the Abyss: The Purple Worm's Lair -The Lost Temple of Boro Batswah: The Golden Singing Bowl of Healing Upcoming: -The Temple of the Fire Oracle

GM style

I find voice acting has such an amazing way of breathing life into characters! So much can be conveyed through mere tone and timbre that no amount of mere writing alone could ever *quite* capture. Setting the mood is always important, whether it be fast paced and intense, or slow flowing and whimsical, to anything in-between. The mood is imperative. Strict rule following has never quite been my forte, though I do like to at least attempt to do things by the book. The great part? Every session and every player is different, so I am able to do both, depending on what my lovely adventurers desire. I am very pro-roleplaying heavy and allowing the adventurers to lead. This is your game, I am just setting the scene. That being said, there are certain elements of the story that are integral components and simply exist either way. My personal feeling of accomplishment is watching the players start off, shy or timid, then blossoming and breathing life into their characters. Then, watching you live vicariously through them in that moment. It's a beautiful thing, and I enjoy helping foster it. *Please take note, I am very much rule of cool! If it makes sense, and keeps the story flowing, I am typically very open to giving it a try!!

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