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The Sinister Storyteller (Charles Ulveling)

3 years on StartPlaying

345 games hosted

Highly rated for: Creativity, Storytelling, Sets the Mood

Average response time: 8 hours

Response rate: 100%

About me

Charles began role-playing at the age of 15, starting with Earthdawn and Shadowrun before moving on to more mainstream titles such as Dungeons & Dragons 3.x. After high school, he began to run games of his own, and discovered that to be more fulfilling than playing in them. Since then, he has found a passion for running games of all types, from fantasy to horror and most things in between. While he prefers horror-centric themes, he is often fond of over-the-top fantasy, with 13th Age being his go-to for just that. Charles' niche is in telling highly 'cinematic' games, utilizing a 'virtual camera' to help establish more consistent shared images for the group. He has found this not only helps immerse people more in the drama, but enables longer lasting and clearer memories of an event, since everyone is "seeing" the same thing. If you are looking for someone to run a one-shot, a long-form campaign, fantasy, sci-fi, or horror (please let it be horror!), Charles might just be the right fit for you. And with an emphasis on high player agency in cooperative storytelling, that will most likely be the case! Furthermore, if you're new to role-playing, Charles has had great success at being an ambassador to such an amazing hobby. He has started dozens and dozens of people on their TTRPG journeys, and loves to see people fall in love with TTRPGs as he did. While he has a strong bent for telling horror stories, he is also very adept at telling stories of almost any tone and genre: serious fantasy, silly sci-fi... You name it, he can probably run it!

GM style

Charles runs highly cinematic games, often describing the scene through a "Virtual Camera." This helps to create a consistent visual image for all players, and heightens the after-the-fact talk. Everyone experiences a much more even game, and has a better shared experience. Charles also enables players to engage in world-building, allowing for the creation (on-the-fly or beforehand) of: NPCs, locations, events, organizations, and more. Are you new to TTRPGs? Then you're in luck, because Charles also has experience in guiding new players into the wonderful world of role-playing!

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