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About me

Hey, howdy, hi, how's it going? My name's Mason, but you might know me as the Professor. I am the lead writer and designer of the Professor's Comprehensive Collection of Character Classes, a self-published author of two science fiction novels, and a big fan of basically all things TTRPG! I've been game mastering for a little over 5 years, now, but have been a nerd since birth (emerging from the womb with dice in hand was a hassle for everyone involved, let me tell ya). While I've mostly designed for and run 5th Edition, I am a big fan of expanding horizons and have really, really enjoyed a wide variety of other TTRPGs, including (but not limited to) Black Hack, Blades in the Dark, Band of Blades (a riotously good time), MORK BORG, CY_BORG, SPIRE: The City Must Fall, and Dragonbane! Matt Colville and MCDM Productions' products also thoroughly inform my approach both to designing and running 5th Edition and similar systems. There are few things I enjoy more than getting together, rolling dice, and having an excellent time with people! I look forward to making memories and running sessions for you.

GM style

I really can't choose a favorite part of TTRPGs. I love the collaboration with all my heart and soul as a lifelong extrovert and chatterbox. As someone who's been board gaming since 6 years of age, I *love* the game design that goes into these amazing systems we get to use as well as the random chance and dice rolling that's a part of so many of them! And, as someone who loves a design challenge, I love building out evocative and grueling combat encounters (when the opportunity is presented). In general, I love it *all*. I also love creating spaces in which people feel safe and welcome. I feel strongly that, in order for everyone to have a good time at the table, everyone has to feel safe at the table. As a result, I work hard to use a variety of safety tools to make sure that everyone can feel comfortable the whole time and every time we get together.

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