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Highly rated for: Rule of Cool, Storytelling, Creativity

About me

Greetings traveller! I'm Rory, an Irish musician & folklorist. A DM of 10 years. I love gaming, whether it's TTRPGs or video games. You cannot beat a few creamy pints and a game session with the lads! If I won the lotto one day, I'd still be at the gaming; just in my own real castle rather than the miniature one on the kitchen table. Anyway, on with the actual important bit (you see I'm prone to let a good story get in the way...) I've been DMing since I was introduced to the TTRPG hobby in Uni. My preferred gaming style is immersion and storytelling. Rule of cool and bonus points for something left field. I mostly run and play 5e and OSR style games. Recently I've been replaying Fallout 1&2 and that has given me the itch for the Fallout 2d20 RPG! I am based in Ireland so that puts me GMT+1. DISCORD ***( )***

GM style

1. Overall Approach: I favour a balanced mix of roleplay, storytelling, and tactical combat. I strive to create a world where player choices have real impact, but I also enjoy the strategic depth of a good fight. 2. Roleplaying & Character Voices: I encourage roleplaying and enjoy weaving character interactions into the story. Dodgy accents can be good fun, but each NPC should have their own voice regardless of accent. 3. Combat: I run tactical combat, focusing on positioning and strategy. I love the puzzle-like nature of a well-designed encounter. That said, I'm always open to players coming up with creative solutions, and the rule of cool can sometimes outweigh strict rules adherence. 4. Additional Notes: I'm open to player feedback. I want everyone to have fun, so if something isn't working for the group, I'm happy to discuss and adapt as needed.

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