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About me

Hey there! Been the forever GM for a while now (going on 18 years) starting with Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition, and I've delved into just about every game system I could get my hands on since. Normally I run either Pathfinder or 5th edition DnD, but I absolutely adore Call of Cthulu, Starfinder, and lately, Asunder. Decided to move most of my games online as of the past few years, running two persistent campaigns for my stream and quite a few one-shots for people all over the world, and I've been looking forward to expanding my gaming group to include as many new friends as possible (mostly for interesting stories, guests and anecdotes for my podcast ngl.) Look forward to gaming with you!

GM style

Big fan of inventive roleplay, and really immersing characters into the world. Staunch believer that good RP is as deserving of recognition as fighting, and creative resolutions will always earn some brownie points. I love to play theatre of the mind, but I'm not averse to laying out a map if necessary. While I do enjoy character voices, I'm not particularly good at them, but I do appreciate any attempts at bringing a character to life. I always do a session 0, and take a definitely no-nonsense stance on purposefully agitating other players, I've always insisted my games be safe spaces, and they will remain that way. Not always a huge fan of sticking strictly to the rules, because for me, a good story trumps rules that we're only ever meant to be a guideline anyway.


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