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Patrick Harmon

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About me

A dream come true... ...That is what this is, and that is what I intend to do for others. My name is Patrick, and I have been looking forward to a time and place where I can share all of my wonderful adventure ideas with the players of the world. For nearly thirty years I have been playing various tabletop roleplaying games - starting with 2nd Edition D&D and Middle-earth Roleplaying Game (MERP) when I was 17. But, while I loved playing these games - I loved writing and being the DM even more. So, for about twenty years I have been doing exactly that when life allowed me to. And, in all that time I looked forward to a day when I could do this on a more professional level. The time has come. While I am new on this site - I intend to work very hard on creating epic game content for players to enjoy. Adventures will take place across Time and Space: Middle-earth, Westeros, Faerun, A Galaxy Far Away, Krynn, and even Boldly Going Where None Have Gone Before!!! I have collected over the years a wide variety of knowledge concerning various worlds which I use to enhance my gaming sessions. In addition, I have recently signed up for the Dungeon Masters Guild in order to start publishing my own work for others to purchase and enjoy. Along with this is a set of skills I intend to further aid me in making the games fun for the players: *Personalized Content: This means that I will be bringing not just modules to gaming sessions, but also original content either added to the module, or completely new adventures written by me for the players to enjoy. *1 Year of Drama Class: Back in college I took a year of Drama, and it has helped me to make things more lively for my players complete with voice acting at various times, dramatic effects, and making scenes exciting. *20 Years of DM Experience: There are few things I enjoy more than being the DM for my players. Those I have played with over these two decades have enjoyed my adventures for a variety of reasons: adaption, improv, exciting battles, mysteries to solve, and more. *30 Years of Player Experience: While I love being the DM - I have enjoyed being a Player as well. This has also allowed me to understand other Players better. I know that combat is not everything to everyone, and I know that Players tend to do the unexpected. This has allowed me to be a better DM for my Players. *Cartography: I have been known to make my own maps for my own adventures, or for times when my Players do something unexpected. This can range from making one quickly on the fly, to having one done for a future adventure. They can also range from full fledge world maps to a battle scene. *Friendly and Helpful Attitude: I love helping others to enjoy the games we play. I have no issues with any race, religion, creed, color, etc... We are all here to play and enjoy the worlds we enter. Those who are new to such games will find me very helpful to understand the game mechanics of whatever world we enter together. *Adaptability: As mentioned before - I have learned to adapt, but this is far more important than many realize. A good DM can make any module work, and keep the Party on track, but an excellent DM can also roll with the changes and unexpected decisions of the Players. Such DMs can move right along with things, and this increases the enjoyment of such game sessions by all. This is where my ability to improv comes in handy. Nearly anything is possible in my games. It is my hope that as I learn more about how things work here - that I bring even more adventures to enjoy for the players out there. At the moment, my time for playing or DMing will be limited to Saturdays and Sundays every other week. This schedule will be updated once I start my sessions, and as I get better at using the mechanics in a virtual style.

GM style

My personal style is one that blends roleplaying, challenging and fun combat, intrigue, mystery, and puzzle-solving. It can have elements of disaster, tragedy, romance, warfare, and more - what you can find in stories can generally be found in the adventures I will share with you. Ultimately, I tend to adapt to what my players need or desire for them to enjoy. In the cases of settings such as Middle-earth and Westeros - the players will be given the chance to truly affect the world around them through their actions, successes, and failures.

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