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Greg Esbrandt

2 years on StartPlaying

Highly rated for: Storytelling, Knows the Rules, Teacher

About me

Hi! I've been running 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons since about 2016. After years of hesitating to get into the hobby, I finally decided to bite the bullet and try running a game for my friends. Since then my love of TTRPGs has grown and grown and now I'd like to take the next step and turn this hobby into something more! As a DM it is my goal to help facilitate a fun and inclusive experience for everyone at the table! I aim to make sure every player is engaged in my games and excited to play!

GM style

I want to make every game as fun and inclusive for everyone at the table as I can! My games are LGBTQIA+ friendly and I aim to work with players to fit their character ideas into the world of the game I'm running. I love running combat and giving my players a challenge, but fear not! My goal as a GM is to be a fan of the Player's Characters and give you the satisfaction of triumphing against the odds! I'm a big fan of roleplaying as well, of course! I like playing NPCs for you to interact with and remember fondly, and dastardly villains to earn your ire. I try to use some simple voices to keep things varied and memorable. I also love to give the party space to roleplay amongst themselves! I like to run prewritten adventures in worlds with well established lore. I try to dive deeper into those worlds to embellish on the fun bits of world building that would otherwise be left vague and shape those adventures into something more befitting the players' party. My focus right now is on prewritten adventure modules, but I've also been known to write and run my own custom material. I try to have as good a grasp on the rules of the game as I can so that I can run my games more smoothly and help players understand their own character sheets and abilities. My focus right now is on D&D 5e, but I am a fan of a few other systems as well. I'm comfortable helping new players learn the ropes and also engaging more experienced players on their level!


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