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About me

I wanted to play D&D long before I actually managed to start playing, and I've loved collaborative storytelling ever since. While I love all kinds of gaming, tabletop RPGs are unlike any other in the freedom they offer both players and GMs when we tell a story together. The best games have no pre-chosen solutions, only puzzles and problems you can solve in any way you imagine, as long as the dice are willing. I've invested heavily in D&D 5e, so it's primarily what I play, but I love trying new things, and pride myself on my willingness to try nearly any game system once, so let me know if you and your friends have a new game to try but no GM, and we'll work something out.

GM style

This is our game, not mine. I love it when I can present the players with a challenge, and then simply allow them to work it out, providing information and moderating dice rolls as required. When the time comes for combat, I believe accurate accounting is important, so everyone has the information they need to make decisions. I almost always prefer to use a battlemap, except for exceedingly simple encounters, and if needed, I'm always happy to break out Pythagoras to figure out if that guy over there really is in range of your spell.

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