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I'm a voice actor and have been creating fantasy worlds for over fifteen years, and started DM-ing after reading through the rpghorrorstories subreddit about first games that were so bad they put people off from gaming and thinking to myself "I can do better." I live for geekdom, and frequent comic book stores, game nights, board game conventions (I'll be DM-ing at Gamehole Con this year if anyone is interested) cartoons, sci fi and fantasy. Neurodivergent who loves to improv and craft npcs and locations on the fly, I specialize in homebrewed games with a heavy emphasis on player freedoms. My current D&D 5e campaigns are being run in a homebrewed world with over a thousand years of history. I'm most experienced in 5E but have played shadowrun, savage worlds, pathfinder, and more, and am very excited for the upcoming Marvel Multiverse RPG, which I've pre-ordered and will be running shortly after its release. If you're interested in any of my games, current or upcoming, I'm easiest to reach on Discord @GM-Tavian#2320

GM style

I am big into role play in game. Want to walk into a random shop or speak with a passing merchant or traveler? No issue. I'll put together a persona and character voice by the time I finish describing the room. Have questions about the world? I'll have answers for you in character or out of game. Do you want to forsake the salvation of the world so that you can start a BBQ restaurant? Let's go establish some supply lines and broker deals with the local butcher's shop. As I've said before, I specialize in home brew, so expect the rules to change slightly, but nothing that would break the game. If you're standing on the edge of the battlements of a castle and you get hit with a spell or ballistic attack that hits for decent damage, you're gonna make a dex save to see if you fall off. I'm also huge into player freedom. If you have an idea for an item that you want for your character or a spell you think should exist that doesn't within the game, I'm more than happy to look into it and create something you'll enjoy.

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