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About me

Hello! My name is Malcolm, but online I'm sometimes known as Tales Arcane. I'm a TTRPG YouTuber, content creator, and forever DM from Scotland. I've loved fantasy storytelling since I was a kid, and long before I found D&D I was entranced by the works of Tolkien, Raymond E. Feist, Robin Hobb, Fritz Leiber, and other giants in the genre. Today, I love creating new stories with my players, usually set in my own homebrew worlds. I'm very comfortable running long-term campaigns, but I also enjoy creating one-shots and mini-campaigns for both experienced players and newcomers to the hobby.

GM style

Roleplay is at the heart of my GMing style. Whether my players are battling a horrifying dracolich atop a crumbling temple or haggling for potions in a bustling market square, I encourage players to develop their characters, motivations, and personal stories through roleplay. When combat breaks out, I focus on making it as dynamic and exciting as possible, with wide varieties of enemies, detailed maps, and propulsive energy. Ultimately, if my players are happy, I'm happy.


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