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Tadhana Joy
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About me

(FORMER NAME: Trexiea/Trixie Hernandez) I am a storyteller, through and through. I have a background of 10+ years in fiction writing, in addition to being a published writer and poet. I have been playing DnD consistently for two years now and during the pandemic I listened to at least 500+ hours of Critical Role—as well as several hundred hours of Dimension 20, Dungeon and Daddies, and other actual plays. In addition, a decade in writing experience has given me a unique and solid understanding of plot, theme, worldbuilding and character motivation. I am passionate about being able to tell and weave together meaningful narratives with others. I’ve written and published many stories but TTRPGs create an immersive experience like no other. You as a player get to live THROUGH the story, watch it unfold before your eyes, and add your own stroke to the painting of the narrative. And as a DM, I get the joy of facilitating that story—setting you up for what is hopefully a tale to remember!

GM style

My GMing style can be boiled down to this: telling personal stories, in a world that is vast, wondrous, and ever changing. A balance between the campaign setting’s narrative and the player’s. Due to my background in writing and poetry, I tend to run games that—while fantastical and magical—aim to have some sort of deeper emotional sincerity within the storytelling. For example, you may be starting a revolution in a game (and that’s not relatable) but we all know the feeling of what it’s like to be taken advantage of. And that’s the feeling that, as a GM, I try to connect you, your character, and the plot with. So, I create homebrew worlds that are awe-inspiring in scope and immersive in terms of lore, but no matter how large the setting becomes—whether it spans countries, continents, or even planets!—I never forget what the setting is made FOR. It’s made for you, the player—for your character and their very personal story in the world. Even if I am running a modular adventure, I always try to aim for that balance of the world’s story and the individual PC’s story. I put my own spin on the written setting, expanding the worldbuilding and adding my own details, but I also create rumors and backstory hooks WITH players to create individual stakes for their characters. Another BIG way that I achieve this balance of stories is through Theme. I champion the idea of campaign settings having a theme that really focuses what the narrative is going to be about. This gives players a set of ideas to explore with their characters and creates cohesion between players and setting. All in all, I am someone who is 100% story first. If you, as the player, have the energy and capacity to pour thought into your character and buy into the world I set up for you, I will honor and match that care in the narrative. And then from there, who know what kind of magic we can make? Heheheheheheheh

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