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About me

Dungeons & Dragons was my first love, soon followed by other great RPGs like Call of Cthulhu, Gamma World and Shadowrun. I have many years of experience playing TTRPGs, including running games for conventions and local groups. I've been running online games for about 15 years. I am an experienced, well-prepared, and friendly GM. I have an open attitude about the "rule of cool" and always encourage cooperative storytelling in my games. I strive to tailor my games with a serious eye toward player agency and individual/group preferences. I have zero tolerance for any kind of bias or bad behavior at my table. My players are given certain freedoms which allow the bounds of imagination to be stretched to an almost limitless degree. Thus, the magic of tabletop roleplaying occurs very naturally in my games with very little interference from me!

GM style

Legendary tales and immersive roleplay or the thrill of fierce combat? Humor and heroics or dreadful dungeon crawls in the dark? We can have it all, though I tend to focus on player preferences and will always strive to tailor games to your liking. Cooperative storytelling is key in my games -- I've often found that it's the players themselves who create the most memorable moments and I do my utmost to encourage this kind of play. My games are for mature audiences. I ask that you be kindly and patient with other players. I have zero tolerance for any kind of bias or bad behavior at my table. Safety guidelines are offered and enforced.


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